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JenkinsMobi V4 Beta and Assembla login

April 18, 2013 1 comment

assembla-logoJenkinsMobi V4 Beta program continues with the support of Assembla SSO Login. is Cloud ALM that provides Project Workspaces, featuring project management software elements such as task management, issue tracking, cardwall (Kanban), agile project management, Git/Svn  repositories and scrum meetings.

When you configure Jenkins with Assembla Auth Plugin the Jenkins Login process goes through the Assembla SSO Form-based login: this is now automatically managed by JenkinsMobi V4 Beta.

As usual, everything is plug&play: just enter your Assembla Credentials in the JenkinsMobi settings … and then play with JenkinsMobi V4 Beta !


JenkinsMobi V4 and Google Authenticator support

April 15, 2013 Leave a comment

When you configure Jenkins with OpenID SSO, the authentication phase goes through an external web-site (GitHub, Google or others) for authenticating your credentials: when authentication succeded, Jenkins gives you a Session-ID to continue using the API until the session expires.

From JenkinsMobi V4.6.1 (see how to upgrade from JenkinsMobi home screen) you can even automatically manage a 2-step SSO Authentication with your Google Account and Google Authenticator.


  1. Edit your JenkinsMobi settings and put your Jenkins URL and SSO username and password.
  2. Whenever your Google SSO request a 2-step authentication, you will see a pop-up asking to enter your one-time verification code
  3. Tap on “Auth App” to jump directly to Google Authenticator
  4. Read the verification code and tap on the “back” button of your Android phone
  5. Enter the verification code and tap Verify
  6. JenkinsMobi contacts Google SSO and enters again your SSO credentials and one-time verfication code

Your authenticated session will last for the time-to-live of Jenkins Session: should the session be disconnected, you would need to go through the Google SSO and 2-step verification again.

Enjoy JenkinsMobi with Google Authenticator securely over the Internet 🙂