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JenkinsMobi v4 showcase @33rdDegreeConf in Warsaw

March 14, 2013 Leave a comment

JenkinsMobi v4 has been showcased in Wasaw yesterday, during the 33rd Degree Conference for Java Developers.

SmartPhones and Tablets have revolutionised the way we think, write and use software: software development on Mobile has and need to be agile … but how can you make one step further and have actually your SmartPhone to drive your development ?

Thanks to Jenkins, can Mobile App development and Continuous Delivery be pushed to the edges?

See how you can follow every step of your development with your SmartPhone end-to-end:

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery with Jenkins
  • Beta notification and distribution to all Mobile stakeholders
  • Test execution
  • Issue tracking
  • Production monitoring

This is a new dimension for the Jenkins eco-system: you will be able to write your plugins to do even more to shorted your continuous application development, testing and deployment.

Beta testing will start shortly … stay tuned 🙂


JenkinsMobi 3.0.3 for iOS available for download

ImageWe are proud to announce that a new major release of JenkinsMobi is now available for download from iTunes AppStore.

New version 3.0.3 solves many of the problems notified through crash reports by the users and most notably:

– iOS 5.1 multi-tasking
– HomeViewController is now fixed and more stable
– IndexOutOfBound when reloading views
– Significantly improved user list load time

Moreover one major issue was found on cookie management while logging out from a Jenkins instance (see JenkinsMobi Support Forum) and now is completely resolved.

Now before each login all cookies are removed from app shared storage, more secure and reliable.

You can install or upgrade JenkinsMobi on your phone by searching “JenkinsMobi” or visiting the following URL:

Stay with us … new features are coming out !

LMIT and JenkinsMobi Development Team.

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JenkinsMobi is coming tomorrow at Jenkins User Conference

October 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Jenkins Mobi 3.0 has been published to the AppStore and everything is ready to go !

Jenkins User ConferenceDon’t miss the first Jenkins User Conference #jenkinsconf tomorrow !

In the meantime you can download JenkinsMobi for iPhone and enjoy the new features and User Interface.

JenkinsMobi for Android will be published and revealed tomorrow morning in San Francisco.

Luca and JenkinsMobi Development Team.




JenkinsMobi 3.0 rocks on iPhone

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment



Explore JenkinsMobi 3.0 on our new web site:

It will be launched at the Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco and available for download from October 2nd

JenkinsMobi secrets are coming to JUC 2011

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

JenkinsMobi secrets will be revealed at the JUC 2011 in SFO !

We are proud to announce that JenkinsMobi will participate to the World’s First Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco (see

We will share our expertise with you in creating Jenkins Mobi on iOS and Android and how to use the power of Jenkins XML API on a Mobile device.

P.S. Jenkins Mobi for iOS and for Android launch date has been aligned to the JUC dates: October 2nd 2011.

Come to JUC in San Francisco … and we will be happy to meet you and have your feedback face-to-face 🙂

JenkinsMobi Development Team – LMIT Limited.

Jenkins Mobi for iOS and Android is coming

August 10, 2011 2 comments

JenkinsMobi will come very soon, stay tuned !

Thank you for waiting so long, we have almost completed our new redesigned Mobile client for Jenkins.

We have been working very hard in thinking about your needs, your feedback and what we would like to see in Jenkins CI “on the road”: after many months of design and coding, the new redesigned mobile client is almost ready !!

There are more than 60 new features to discover and a completely new redesign UE, more attractive, easy and accessible.

JenkinsMobi will be coming to the AppStore and Android Market in August 2011.

LMIT ltd “ALM in action”

Warning: Jenkins XML-API broken since Ver. 1.399

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

HudsonMobi users, be careful on Jenkins 1.399 !

A regression has been in the XML-API:

You are advised to stay on Ver. 1.398 (you can downgrade easily by getting the old jenkins.war file from this link: jenkins.war)

HudsonMobi is currently using the XML-API for communicating with your Hudson/Jenkins back-end and users upgrading to Jenkins 1.401 has encountered communication problems.

Stay tuned on the resolution of issue JENKINS-8988: once that issue will be fixed, you can easily upgrade and keep on enjoying HudsonMobi “on-the-road” 😉

HudsonMobi / JenkinsMobi Development Team.

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