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JenkinsMobi v4 showcase @33rdDegreeConf in Warsaw

March 14, 2013 Leave a comment

JenkinsMobi v4 has been showcased in Wasaw yesterday, during the 33rd Degree Conference for Java Developers.

SmartPhones and Tablets have revolutionised the way we think, write and use software: software development on Mobile has and need to be agile … but how can you make one step further and have actually your SmartPhone to drive your development ?

Thanks to Jenkins, can Mobile App development and Continuous Delivery be pushed to the edges?

See how you can follow every step of your development with your SmartPhone end-to-end:

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery with Jenkins
  • Beta notification and distribution to all Mobile stakeholders
  • Test execution
  • Issue tracking
  • Production monitoring

This is a new dimension for the Jenkins eco-system: you will be able to write your plugins to do even more to shorted your continuous application development, testing and deployment.

Beta testing will start shortly … stay tuned ūüôā


JenkinsMobi v4 is coming at 33rd Degree Conference in Warsaw

March 5, 2013 Leave a comment

diukJenkinsMobi v4 is the Mobile Engine that powers the 33rd Degree Conference !

The long wait is over … JenkinsMobi has been completely rewritten and will be officially launched next week, 13-15 March ¬†during the 33rd Degree Conference for Java Developers¬†in Warsaw PL.

We will show the new architecture of JenkinsMobi, designed to completely revolutionize the way to organise your Mobile Application Development lifecycle, from the Continuous Integration to Deployment, QA and management of your Production instances in the Cloud.

Follow the JenkinsMobi v4 talk and change the way you manage your Mobile Apps from TODAY !

JenkinsMobi v4 is available for preview as the official App of the 33rd Degree Conference: DOWNLOAD NOW at  or scan the following QR Code.

JenkinsMobi is back ! ūüôā