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Hudson parametrised builds on Android

December 10, 2010 3 comments

New Hudson Mobi Ver. 2.1.2 does parametrised builds 🙂 … another good reason to upgrade !

To see Hudson parametrised builds on your phone, run HudsonMobi, connect to “Default Hudson instance” and select “Hudson CI Param” sample job:

1. Open menu and select “Start this build”

2. List of parameters with default values are displayed: tap on the parameter you want to customise.

3. Change parameter value and click OK

4. Tap on “Build NOW” to start your build.

… and there you go 🙂


If you have question or any problem, feel free to contact our customer support or post a message to HudsonMobi Forum.

HudsonMobi Development Team.


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Hudson Widget and “3-taps-2-monitor” easy configuration tool

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Hudson Mobi introduces a new simplified configuration tool;  3 simple steps 2 to monitor your Hudson Jobs directly from your Android Widget:

  1. Tap on Hudson Widget icon on your Android screen
  2. Insert the Hudson URL you want to monitor (exactly the one you are using on your Web Browser)
  3. Select your jobs to monitor … and there you go !

Upgrade or install today Hudson Mobi Ver. 2.1.2 by getting with your Android camera the following QR Code:

Hudson Mobi is available for FREE on the Android Market and allows to monitor, control, action and contact the people that is working around your Hudson CI projects.

See Hudson Mobi in action through our screencast and let us know what do you think 🙂

Enjoy the new Ver. 2.1.2 and feedbacks are very welcome.

Hudson Mobi development team.


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