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Hudson Mobi 2.0.6 is out: more stability for iOS 4

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

HudsonMobi 2.0.6  is now available on the AppStore !

Thank you for you feedbacks and for reporting your crash details: we are able now to ship a more stable release for iOS 4, with many fixes and more reliable functionalities.

You can upgrade to the new HudsonMobi 2.0.6 here:

Major fixes and enhancements are:

> Automatic override of incorrect Hudson URL  “/configure” Web panel: the one set in HudsonMobi will always be used even when Hudson Server is misconfigured.
> No more crashes when scheduling / stopping or refreshing  builds
> Much more stability on memory usage
> Much more bounds checking on Hudson server responses

Continue to send us crash reports and suggestions, and remember to mention your “last action done” on your companion e-mail.

HudsonMobi Development Team.

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HudsonMobi 2.0.5 for Android … fixes are coming

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment

HudsonMobi for Android has reached today 290 users in less than one month !

Problems were reported on loading views, SSL self-signed certificates and port configuration.

It is time then for a maintenance release, Ver. 2.0.5 available now, for fixing the issues reported:

> Fixes list view that results in wrong details selection
> SSL connection is now working with Self-signed certificates as well
> Fixed out of bound exceptions during config
> Fixed number format exception for missing port config
> Fixed null pointer exception on connection timeout

HudsonMobi 2.0.5 is by far more stable now, but in case you will find further problems, do not hesitate to write to

The HudsonMobi development team. LMIT Limited

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Hudson Mobi Ver. 2.0 for iOS 4 is here !

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment

HudsonMobi Ver. 2.0 for iOS 4 is finally available on the AppStore .

If you already have installed the Ver. 1.1.2, just go to the AppStore and you can upgrade to the latest version.

To download and install a brand new version of HudsonMobi click the following URL:

From today the iPhone 4 users can use the full experience of HudsonMobi 🙂

Let us know what do you think and what are the new features that you will like to see on HudsonMobi !!!

LMIT Software Development Team.

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HudsonMobi 2.0 … still waiting for Apple Review

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

HudsonMobi 2.0 is ready … but seems that Apple is too busy with their review input queue filled up with new Apps to review 😦

This will cause 1-2 days MAX of delay, but stay tuned as HudsonMobi 2.0 for iOS 4 is coming.

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