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Hudson CI Client v2.0 major upgrade for iOS 4

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

After the huge success of HudsonMobi v2.0 for Android, a major upgrade for iPod and iPhone … or we should call it now iOS 4 🙂 …  is coming next week, September 1st.

The FREE availability has been extended to end of September 2010, aligned with the Android version, to avoid disappointments between the two huge communities of HudsonMobi users.

This new redesigned version will provide:

  • Functional alignment with HudsonMobi 2.0 for Android
  • Major fixes for iOS 4 compatibility

Stay tuned and get ready for HudsonMobi 2.0 for iOS 4 on September 1st.

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Hudson Mobi crash reporter for Android

August 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Thank you for downloading HudsonMobi: we are reached up to 140 downloads so far in just one week … and growing day by day !!

It has been reported anyway of a crash when loading views: we think to have fixed to the problem so we strongly suggest to upgrade to Ver. 2.0.4, currently available on Android Market.

The new version, for allowing maximum feedback, includes the crash reporter, already introduced previously in the iPhone version:

Crash Reporter

HudsonMobi crash reporter

Whenever the application crashes for some reason, the system will detect the situation and will ask you to report an incident. This is MUCH MORE than a simple stack-trace because you can specify the sequence of operations that lead to a crash. Please note that this may include the list of operations you performed and the URL of your Hudson CI site: if you have concerns in sending them to us, say NO to the screen shown above.

Read more…

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QR Code for HudsonMobi on Android Market

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Please accept my apologies … the QR Code published yesterday was not working at all 😦
I owe a beer to everyone that struggled to install HudsonMobi  to pay a beer at the next Devoxx 😉

This is the correct one:

Hope you will enjoy the new functionalities and give us feedback on what you find useful and what you would like to see in the next versions of HudsonMobi.

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Hudson CI Client Ver. 2.0 for Android is here

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

HudsonMobi Ver. 2.0 for Android is officially on the Android Market today (see

You can go and install HudsonMobi by taking the following UPDATED QR Code from your Android camera:
(please accept my apologies for the wrong one posted previously)

HudsonMobi QR

HudsonMobi QR

Install HudsonMobi and let us know your impression on this new Ver. 2.0.

This is much more than a porting, we tried to redesign the interface and enhance the functionalities to integrate the user experience with Android: that’s why it is a brand new version !

HudsonMobi is completely FREE OR CHARGE and is designed to be used from developers like us to leverage the maximum power of hudson on your mobile device. What do you think ?

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The long wait is over: Hudson CI Client v2.0 for Android is coming !

August 11, 2010 2 comments

Thank you for waiting so long … Hudson Mobi, the popular CI Client for iPhone, will be available on Android Market from next Monday, August 16th.

HudsonMobi for AndroidThe power of Hudson CI from Android

With this new Ver. 2.0 of HudsonMobi you can benefit from the features of the iPhone version (see from your Android device.

Major improvements in Ver. 2.0

Hudson Mobi for Androids adds functional improvements over the iPhone version:

> Full Android UE with Menu and back controls

> Embedded artifact viewer: you can display the result of your build (when it is text based) on your handset

> Build history and changes: view who changed what in the recent builds

> Rapid access to last build

> Full restyling and more appealing user experience

Come and download the Hudson Mobi Ver. 2.0 from Android Market from August 16th and let us know what do you think and how can we improve your Hudson mobile experience.

Remember that Hudson Mobi can be downloaded FOR FREE for a limited time until end of September 2010 !!!

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