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New crash reporter in Hudson Mobi Ver. 1.1.2 for iPhone and iPod

April 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Hudson Mobi Ver. 1.1.2 includes now a new crash reporter utility.

Every time that the application is ending unexpectedly, you are asked to report and send the crash log to This functionality will allow us to have a feedback on the current stability of the software and to enhance the quality of future releases.

Overall number of HudsonMobi users is increasing on a regular base, I will publish the situation of the stability, crashes and feel free to propose new features based on your daily usage.

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HudsonMobi Ver. 1.1.1 available now.

April 21, 2010 1 comment

HudsonMobi Ver. 1.1.1 is available for download / update at the Apple iTunes store.

It includes a nice connection testing functionality:

This allows to solve common network connection and security problems.

A new version is coming over in the next few days and it will introduce a crash and incident support request, integrated with the HudsonMobi start-up. Every time you have a problem, HudsonMobi will detect and capture the logs of the incident and will allow you to send your support request to

Revisited icons, usability enhancements and the device orientation detection are additional goodies of the new release !

Stay tuned … Ver. 1.1.2 is coming over 🙂

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HudsonMobi Ver. 1.1.1 coming soon :-)

April 13, 2010 1 comment

A new version of HudsonMobi is on the way (Ver. 1.1.1); main features will be:

  1. Ability to test a Hudson CI configuration before using it.
  2. More clear delete button in a “iPhone-like” style
  3. Complete HTTP and Network diagnostics for common configuration problems (wrong port, wrong authentication, wrong URL, connection problems, HTTP status codes, …)
  4. Workaround for Hudson CI 1.353 Basic Authentication problems related to the JSESSIONID late assignment (this was causing problems during connection using the XML-API only)

All those enhancements will allow you to ease the configuration steps and getting up to speed quickly with Hudson-Mobi !

Let me know if you find them useful … and download the new version in the next two days !!!

More features and goodies to come 😉

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HudsonMobi on

April 9, 2010 Leave a comment

HudsonMobi now is officially mentioned by WIKI:

In the first couple of weeks a lot of people has downloaded and installed HudsonMobi on their iPhone or iPod (over 100 downloads from iTunes).

Coming soon next week new enhancements and a more friendly page for defining your Hudson CI settings and testing your connection.

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