JenkinsMobi V4 Beta brings APK history on your Mobile

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You can see your Jenkins build history and re-deploy the older APKs from your Mobile Phone !

This is particularly useful when you want to have multiple of version of your Mobile App to your QA or Beta Testers (just like you !) without having to redeploy or notify anyone: you can go back and forth in a time-machine as many times you want !

Jenkins acts like a APK binary repository with full access to:

  • Code changes
  • Unit-test executions
  • Console output

Join JenkinsMobi V4 Beta now and give your feedback today.

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JenkinsMobi V4 Beta and Assembla login

April 18, 2013 1 comment

assembla-logoJenkinsMobi V4 Beta program continues with the support of Assembla SSO Login. is Cloud ALM that provides Project Workspaces, featuring project management software elements such as task management, issue tracking, cardwall (Kanban), agile project management, Git/Svn  repositories and scrum meetings.

When you configure Jenkins with Assembla Auth Plugin the Jenkins Login process goes through the Assembla SSO Form-based login: this is now automatically managed by JenkinsMobi V4 Beta.

As usual, everything is plug&play: just enter your Assembla Credentials in the JenkinsMobi settings … and then play with JenkinsMobi V4 Beta !

Gerrit Code Review Hackathon in London – 7-9th of May 2013

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Keep calm and Gerrit Code Review Hackathon

GerritForge Blog

gerrit-hackathonGerritForge is proud to organise the first European Gerrit Code Review Hackathon in London (UK) for three days: 7th, 8th and 9th of May 2013.
The Hackathon is a great way to have the core Gerrit developer Team working side-by-side on some new exciting new features for the OpenSource community. Some of the major improvements in Gerrit architecture and functionality came out from past Hackathons.

New exciting features are going to be proposed and implemented: see the Gerrit Hackathon topics and comments at

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JenkinsMobi V4 and Google Authenticator support

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When you configure Jenkins with OpenID SSO, the authentication phase goes through an external web-site (GitHub, Google or others) for authenticating your credentials: when authentication succeded, Jenkins gives you a Session-ID to continue using the API until the session expires.

From JenkinsMobi V4.6.1 (see how to upgrade from JenkinsMobi home screen) you can even automatically manage a 2-step SSO Authentication with your Google Account and Google Authenticator.


  1. Edit your JenkinsMobi settings and put your Jenkins URL and SSO username and password.
  2. Whenever your Google SSO request a 2-step authentication, you will see a pop-up asking to enter your one-time verification code
  3. Tap on “Auth App” to jump directly to Google Authenticator
  4. Read the verification code and tap on the “back” button of your Android phone
  5. Enter the verification code and tap Verify
  6. JenkinsMobi contacts Google SSO and enters again your SSO credentials and one-time verfication code

Your authenticated session will last for the time-to-live of Jenkins Session: should the session be disconnected, you would need to go through the Google SSO and 2-step verification again.

Enjoy JenkinsMobi with Google Authenticator securely over the Internet 🙂

JenkinsMobi V4 Beta: OpenID certified

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Thanks to the first feedback of the JenkinsMobi V4 Beta, today we have certified JenkinsMobi with OpenID: you don’t have to do anything, just insert your OpenID credentials in the JenkinsMobi V4 settings and, if you have Jenkins-OpenID SSO, everything will magically works 🙂


JenkinsMobi V4 Beta program: Open for feedback

April 9, 2013 Leave a comment

JenkinsMobi V4 Beta program is officially started ! 

Follow the the four simple steps described at and starting exploring the new possibility and provide your feedback on the new JenkinsMobi V4 Architecture.

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JenkinsMobi v4 showcase @33rdDegreeConf in Warsaw

March 14, 2013 Leave a comment

JenkinsMobi v4 has been showcased in Wasaw yesterday, during the 33rd Degree Conference for Java Developers.

SmartPhones and Tablets have revolutionised the way we think, write and use software: software development on Mobile has and need to be agile … but how can you make one step further and have actually your SmartPhone to drive your development ?

Thanks to Jenkins, can Mobile App development and Continuous Delivery be pushed to the edges?

See how you can follow every step of your development with your SmartPhone end-to-end:

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery with Jenkins
  • Beta notification and distribution to all Mobile stakeholders
  • Test execution
  • Issue tracking
  • Production monitoring

This is a new dimension for the Jenkins eco-system: you will be able to write your plugins to do even more to shorted your continuous application development, testing and deployment.

Beta testing will start shortly … stay tuned 🙂


JenkinsMobi v4 is coming at 33rd Degree Conference in Warsaw

March 5, 2013 Leave a comment

diukJenkinsMobi v4 is the Mobile Engine that powers the 33rd Degree Conference !

The long wait is over … JenkinsMobi has been completely rewritten and will be officially launched next week, 13-15 March  during the 33rd Degree Conference for Java Developers in Warsaw PL.

We will show the new architecture of JenkinsMobi, designed to completely revolutionize the way to organise your Mobile Application Development lifecycle, from the Continuous Integration to Deployment, QA and management of your Production instances in the Cloud.

Follow the JenkinsMobi v4 talk and change the way you manage your Mobile Apps from TODAY !

JenkinsMobi v4 is available for preview as the official App of the 33rd Degree Conference: DOWNLOAD NOW at  or scan the following QR Code.

JenkinsMobi is back ! 🙂


JenkinsMobi 3.0.3 for iOS available for download

ImageWe are proud to announce that a new major release of JenkinsMobi is now available for download from iTunes AppStore.

New version 3.0.3 solves many of the problems notified through crash reports by the users and most notably:

– iOS 5.1 multi-tasking
– HomeViewController is now fixed and more stable
– IndexOutOfBound when reloading views
– Significantly improved user list load time

Moreover one major issue was found on cookie management while logging out from a Jenkins instance (see JenkinsMobi Support Forum) and now is completely resolved.

Now before each login all cookies are removed from app shared storage, more secure and reliable.

You can install or upgrade JenkinsMobi on your phone by searching “JenkinsMobi” or visiting the following URL:

Stay with us … new features are coming out !

LMIT and JenkinsMobi Development Team.

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JenkinsMobi @Jenkins User Conference in San Francisco

April 7, 2012 Leave a comment

For those who did not attend the first Jenkins User Conference 2011 @San Francisco, you can watch the JenkinsMobi presentation on this video, starring Luca Milanesio and Simone Ardissone (see:

We revealed who we are and how we developed HudsonMobi and then JenkinsMobi using the XML API and all our expertise and experience on Mobile Development.

Enjoy the video 🙂

JenkinsMobi Development Team – LMIT Software Ltd.